Packing Eggs for Shipping
People have asked us what is the best way to package and ship hatching eggs.  We ship a lot of eggs to each other...this is how we have made our partnership so successfull, with Nikki in PA and me in MA, actual visits are limited, but we share our lines and stock by shipping eggs to each other.  This works for us, because even though we are shipping eggs with a high fertility rate, shipping through the USPS or UPS is extremely rough on the eggs.  Many never develop at all, or are too fragile to make it to hatching.  We consider a 25% hatch decent, 50% good, and anything over 50% is great.  When we have the occasional zero hatch, we just try again.
.Below are step by step pictures and pointers of how we package our eggs for shipping
1.  Everything you will need to pack your eggs
2.  Cushion the egg tray with shavings, and place the eggs in pointed end down.
3.  Once packed, cover the eggs with shavings
4.  The carton should have ample shavings so the eggs are stationary and padded, but not so much the box will  not close completely
5.  If you don't have access to bubblewrap,  I  would wrap     the carton with papertowel, or an old cloth towel
6.  Cut and tape the bubble wrap
7.  The bigger the box the better.  It leaves more room to fill the area around the carton with packing material to absord rough handling.  Line the bottom with crumpled or shredded newspaper, or packing peanuts
8.  Place the wrapped egg carton in the box.
9.  Fill around the carton with packing material, don't be afraid to really jam a lot in there--it helps absord that rough handling I mentioned before.
10.  Close and tape your box.  Notice you can almost see the bulge in the top of the box.  This shows the box is jammed full of packing material.  If you shake this box--nothing will move inside.
Now you can address your box.  Don't forget your return address.  We usually ship Priority Mail, but have started experimenting with UPS.  When we figure out if we have more luck with them, we'll let you know.
Happy Hatching
(By the way...Love the box Nik)