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HatTrick Silkie Bantams

We breed strong & healthy birds that will thrive in a backyard flock ~
As well as breeding for quality that meets
the ABA & APA Silkie Standard of Perfection.

We specialize in Bearded Buff, White, Partridge, Blue, Black & Splash.
And most recently have begun working with Non-Bearded White & Buff
and Showgirls in Blue, Black & Splash.

 HTKS 2012
We will continue to update and expand our website this coming year.
As always, it is our goal to keep HatTrick Silkies website
a work in progress, along with our Silkies.

Thanks for stopping by ~ we hope you enjoy your visit
to HatTrick Silkies and as always, Happy Hatching!
- Janet and Nikki
HatTrick Silkies

HatTrick Hatch Cam!

Live Streaming Web Cams - by Camstreams

Check out what's going on with HatTrick...
Live stream courtesy of Camstreams.
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~ What's happening with HatTrick... ~

"This is the Pièce de résistance."

On April 2, 2010 the Martha Stewart dedicated her show to chickens.
Among those on the show were a couple of our Silkies.


click on Martha's logo to visit her website

~ HatTrick Silkies wakes up with the KHQ Morning Show! ~

Special thanks to KHQ in Spokane for featuring us on their Morning Show

click on their logo to visit KHQ's website

~ HatTrick White Pullet ~ Reserve of Breed NEPC 2009 ~
photo by Tamara Staples, author of The Fairst Fowl
click on the picture to visit Tamara's website
click HERE to view the other pics she took at NEPC

~ HatTrick girls Liehen and Tundra ~
owned by Jan Brett of Norwell, MA
Artwork by Jan Brett
click on the picture to visit Jan's website

~ Magician Andrew Goldenhersh uses Silkies in his shows ~
What better than "HatTrick" silkies, right? ;)

Andrew is pictured above visiting HatTrick Silkies Mass
click on the picture to visit Andrew's website

2012 The Year In HatTrick Silkies Calendar
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